Saudi Woman to Get 180 Lashes & 8 Months in Jail for Driving

Thanks to America's unconditional support, Saudi Arabia is still an evil dictatorship that rules its citizens with a iron fist.

The Saudi monarchy recently sentenced a woman to 180 lashes and 8 months in prison for the high crime of driving a car.

Women in Saudi Arabia are considered property and have few human rights. They suffer under one of the most repressive dictatorships on the planet thanks to the support of the United States of America which supplies the country with weapons, surveillance equipment, training and intelligence.  In exchange, the U.S. receives support for its war industry in the form of brainwashed islamic terrorists which are manufactured in Saudi Arabia's wahabi religious schools and managed by the CIA.

War is the largest industry by far in the United States and costs American taxpayers more than $ 1 trillion each year. In order to justify the continued existence of the war industry there must be an enemy and the Saudi monarchy is happy to provide it.

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