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Poor Forced to Pay for German Banker Bailouts
June 30th, 2010

Germany seems to be heading for a summer of unrest after Angela Merkel announced what she described as the country’s largest programme of public sector cuts.

Don’t Need Law to Stop Photographer: Officers
June 30th, 2010

Two police officers stopped a teenage photographer from taking pictures of an Armed Forces Day parade – and then claimed they did not need a law to detain him.

Americans are Treated, and Overtreated, to Death
June 30th, 2010

The sister-in-law of a cancer victim created a website to help support a person’s option to spend their final days at home.

Bilderberg Wants Americans Disarmed, Dependent On Government
June 30th, 2010

US support for a UN small arms treaty may be used to impinge on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms, which is seen as part of Bilderberg’s agenda to make the citizens completely dependent on the government.

Austerity Fascism: Coming Fast And Brutal
June 30th, 2010

Experts warn that the draconian austerity measures prepared by governments in the west will cause riots and even revolutions.

Spain Faces General Strike Because of Reforms that Hurt Workers
June 30th, 2010

Spain’s two largest unions, the CCOO and the UGT, have threatened a general strike if the government unilaterally imposes reforms that hurt workers.

Olympia Activist Awarded $417k for Abuse
June 30th, 2010

An activist who was falsely arrested to prevent his lawful attendance at a protest sued and won.

Cops Staged G20 Violence
June 30th, 2010

Undercover cops were the ones engaging in violence during the recent G20 summit in Toronto, not demonstrators. Is Canada becoming a fascist country like the US?

Airport Body Scanners Cause Cancer?
June 29th, 2010

Airport body scanners use DNA damaging radiation that could cancer.

Welcome to the Fake, Jobless Economic Recovery
June 26th, 2010

The U.S. is wandering through a fake recovery, an expanding sovereign debt crisis, a stock market downturn and a double-dip real estate collapse.

Would Orwell Be Proud?
June 26th, 2010

Orwell’s 1984 was not taken as a warning but instead as a guide book on how to “properly” structure Anglo society and the West in general, as well as the structures of foreign policy.

Witnessing Against Torture: Why We Must Act
June 24th, 2010

Charged for “breach of peace” when they staged a memorial vigil in protest of the torture and death of 3 innocent Guantanamo prisoners, 24 defendants are acting as their own lawyers in court.

An Epidemic Of Terminal Ignorance
June 24th, 2010

An epidemic is spreading like wildfire across America. Wreaking havoc on all fronts: social, economic, political, religious, and many others. The CDC hasn’t issued any warning. What is this mystery disease?

La. Police Doing BP’s Dirty Work [Video]
June 24th, 2010

Everyone knows by now that BP is still blocking press access to oil-spill sites even though they’re not supposed to anymore.

40,000 People Join Scientists To Oppose Methyl Iodide
June 24th, 2010

Scientists, farm workers, and activists rallied against the proposal of the Dept. of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) approving methyl iodide to be used in the state’s $2.1 billion strawberry industry.

Federal Judge Calls Guantanamo Inmate’s Detention ‘Unlawful’
June 23rd, 2010

A federal judge has forcefully put Yemeni citizen Mohammed Mohammed Hassan Odaini on the path to freedom after eight years of incarceration at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

America Continues Leap Backwards
June 23rd, 2010

A corrupt federal Judge has ruled that Congress can copyright works already in the public domain. Doing so would violate the Constitution’s protection of free speech.

How a Right-Wing Immigration Lie Went Viral
June 22nd, 2010

Did California really pass an immigration law that’s just as punitive as Arizona’s—but just failed to enforce it?

High Court Upholds Terror Law After Free Speech Challenge
June 21st, 2010

A divided Supreme Court has ruled the government’s power to criminalize “material support” of a terrorist organization is constitutionally permissible.

Call the Politburo, We’re in Trouble
June 21st, 2010

Mark it on your calendar. It seems we’ve finally entered the Soviet era in America, says author of the new book, The American Way of War: How Bush’s Wars Became Obama’s.

Citizen’s Group Taking Border Battle into Own Hands
June 20th, 2010

This weekend, JT Ready and a group of armed men plan to take Arizona’s border battle into their own hands.

New Bill Gives Obama ‘Kill Switch’ To Shut Down The Internet
June 19th, 2010

Government would have “absolute power” to seize control of the world wide web under Lieberman legislation.

U.S. Govt. Poisoned its Own Citizens During Prohibition
June 19th, 2010

In a dark but little-known chapter of U.S. history, the federal government ordered the poisoning of alcohol supplies to deter and punish those who sought to flout Prohibition-era bans.

1 Million US Workers Cut Off Unemployment
June 19th, 2010

Nearly a million people were denied further unemployment benefits by Congress.

Over 90% of Bills Passed Secretly With No Debate, No Vote
June 17th, 2010

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) voiced concerns that the Senate passes 94 percent of legislation without any debate, without amendment, and without a roll call vote (May 25, 2010).

Private Contractors and Covert Wars in Latin America
June 16th, 2010

The U.S. Defense and State Departments will be subpoenaed if they continue to refuse to accurately account for billions spent on private contractors assisting the US in the ‘war on drugs’ in Latin America.

How All of Us Pay for the Derivatives Market
June 16th, 2010

Derivatives are a hotbed of abuses and bailouts. So why are taxpayers footing the bill?

FBI Start Targeting Peace Activists in the USA
June 16th, 2010

The Joint Terrorism Task Force Division of the FBI Visits an Austin Peace Activist to Question About Pre-Crimes!

Lies About Statin Drugs Finally Exposed in Medical Journal
June 16th, 2010

Big Pharma sells statin drugs as “miracle” medicines that have prevented millions of heart attacks and strokes. But a recent study published in the British Medical Journal tells a completely different story.

Pressure Builds On Israel To Lift Gaza Blockade
June 14th, 2010

Israel announced last week that it is slightly easing the blockade of the Gaza Strip after the deadly May 31 commando raid, but critics say that an entire policy shift is needed.

US Emboldens Israel to Kill Americans
June 14th, 2010

By its silent approval the US federal government encourages Israel to murder American activists.

The Ambush of Helen Thomas
June 10th, 2010

Prof. Gary Leupp asks why long time White House journalist Helen Thomas was immediately sacked from her job just because of a rabbi’s outrage over Thomas’ supposed pro-peace views.

U.S. Intelligence Analyst Arrested in Wikileaks Video Probe
June 10th, 2010

Federal officials have arrested an Army intelligence analyst who gave classified U.S. combat video and hundreds of thousands of classified State Department records to Wikileaks.

Bush Administration Conducted Medical Experiments on Detainees
June 10th, 2010

The watchdog group Physicians for Human Rights alleged that the Bush Administration experimented on terrorism suspects during their enhanced interrogation program put in force starting in 2002.

Jewish Ideology and Psychosis – a Danger To World Peace
June 10th, 2010

Gilad Atzmon considers the deep religious and psychotic roots of the genocidal impulses of Israelis, and warns of the implications for humanity unless urgent decisive action is taken against the rogue Jewish state.

How the Washington Post Censors the News
June 8th, 2010

In a letter to the Washington Post, Julian C. Holmes tries to document and publicize how the Post shapes and censors the news. Including how it communicates within its own corporate structure and with other members of the cartel, e.g. the CIA.

Israeli Arab MP Who Was On Board Flotilla, Faces Death Threats
June 8th, 2010

Haneen Zuabi, a Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset who was with the flotilla, is now under armed protection after nearly 500 people signed up to a Facebook page calling for her execution.

Another Bird-feeding ‘Criminal’ Gets Collared
June 8th, 2010

A woman was fined £80 for littering after wardens caught her throwing bread crumbs – to the birds.

Big Brother is Recording Your Life
June 8th, 2010

We’ve got more CCTV cameras trained on us – four million and rising – than any other country on earth. And they never sleep.

Why does Obama Support Israel’s Terrorist Attacks?
June 6th, 2010

Despite whatever he might publicly say, Obama unconditionally supports Israel and any evil it commits, why?

The Other Oil Delta Disaster
June 4th, 2010

While the world watches the destruction of Louisiana’s wetlands caused by oil company arrogance, another delta region has suffered even greater damage – virtually unreported.

Artificial Life is Patentable
June 3rd, 2010

Dr J. Craig Venter, an American scientist mostly famous for leading the project to map the human genome was recently in the news. Ventner has declared that he has created life in his lab.

Killing Children: From Ghazi To Detroit
June 3rd, 2010

Whether in Irag, or Afghanistan, or Detroit, soldiers and police alike barge into wrong homes. All too often, children end up dead or wounded. Every once in a while, the raids are followed by denial and then an apology.

Is the Peace Movement Finally Awakening?
June 2nd, 2010

What America needs most today is a peace movement that opposes the American empire’s operations in almost everywhere, and also its attendant accretion of presidential power, which diminishes or eliminates civil liberties and the traditional protections accorded criminal suspects.

U.S. Cyber Command: Waging War In The World’s Fifth Battlespace
June 2nd, 2010

On May 21 U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced the activation of the Pentagon’s first computer command. And the world’s first comprehensive, multi-service military cyber operation.

Gaza Aid Ships Death Toll Now 20
June 1st, 2010

Israel attacked European ships with aid for Gaza while in international waters, killing 20 unarmed people and wounding dozens more. Those not dead or seriously wounded have been imprisoned. The US & Europe continue to pour money into the Israeli military.

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