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Monkeys in Laboratory Tests Not Helping
July 31st, 2011

It’s been the understanding of many for a long time that killing monkeys in the laboratory in the guise of science do not really serve the purpose.

Accepting Climate Change As A Threat
July 31st, 2011

It is surprising that in spite of the telltale signs of Climate Change, the UN’s Security Council do not agree that it is a threat to international peace and security.

Javier Sicilia Speaks to the Mexican National Congress
July 31st, 2011

Wise and brave words from Mexico’s leader of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity.

U.S. Debt Talks ‘Very Close’ to a Deal?
July 31st, 2011

A mammoth crisis may be averted after all, if the puppet show in Washington reaches a solution.

Fighting Back Against The CIA Drone War
July 31st, 2011

America’s slaughter of civilians by remote control is inciting hatred and retaliation but is also inciting peaceful resistance.

TSA Goons Won’t Say Why They Blocked Flight from Mexico
July 30th, 2011

The US Govt. won’t say why it forced a plane flying from Mexico to Europe to turn back.

Two US States Told to Keep Hands Off of Sea Lions
July 30th, 2011

Sea lions and animal rights advocates just had something to celebrate after federal officials have decided to revoke the authorization for Oregon and Washington to kill sea lions.

Debt ‘Crisis’ Prelude to Martial Law?
July 30th, 2011

The so called debt crisis is a staged event with a greater purpose. If allowed to continue it could result in massive civil unrest, martial law, the collapse of the US dollar and….

Genetically Engineered Maize Approved for Usage in EU food and feed
July 29th, 2011

Testbiotech and GeneWatch UK formally request withdrawal of EU market authorisation of Monsanto┬┤s genetically engineered maize Genuity VT Triple PRO Corn with synthetic toxins.

Monsanto Nation: Taking Down Goliath
July 29th, 2011

“If you put a label on genetically engineered food you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it.” – Norman Braksick, president of Asgrow Seed Co., a subsidiary of Monsanto, quoted in the Kansas City Star, March 7, 1994

Is America Caught In The Closed Mind Trap?
July 29th, 2011

There seem to be a number of Americans, both on the left and the right, who are prepared to censor and even to kill in order to defend their illusions and delusions.

Norway shooter cited American bloggers and writers
July 26th, 2011

In his 1500-page manifesto, Anders Behring Breivik liberally quotes American bloggers and writers.

Oslo Shooting: Anders Behring Breivik’s Internet Comments
July 26th, 2011

This English translation of the alleged Norway shooter’s posts on a Norwegian website suggests he was obsessed with the impact of Islam on Norwegian society.

Libya: Unending American hostility
July 25th, 2011

America’s illegal and immoral war on Libya is nothing more than a cover for stealing their oil, uranium and water.

More Clues Emerge in the OKC Bombing
July 25th, 2011

When criminal elements within the US govt. blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City, they left a trail of clues which the govt. has been desperate to try and sweep up. The case is important because it shows just how corrupt and evil the US govt. really is and how the mass media actively supports its crimes.

American Tyranny Goes Too Far
July 24th, 2011

An airliner enroute from Mexico to Italy was forced to return to Mexico because one of its passenger is a democracy activist that the US doesn’t like.

U.S. Prisoners Continue Hunger Strike
July 24th, 2011

HUNDREDS of prisoners incarcerated in California are on hunger strike to protest their isolation, torture and other abuse, but the news is barely being reported.

Audit Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Loans by Fed
July 22nd, 2011

An audit has revealed that the private Federal Reserve Bank made $16 trillion in ultra-low or no interest loans to make the filthy rich even richer.

Montana Judge Rules Against Transport of Giant Oil Field Equipment
July 21st, 2011

Victory for campaigners as decision delivers a new setback to the efforts of Alberta tar sands.

Joe Stalin Saucer Explanation for Roswell Is More Disinformation
July 21st, 2011

A review of the recently published book, AREA 51-An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base by Annie Jacobsen.

Schools, Off Limits to Animal Rights Advocacy?
July 19th, 2011

Should the advocacy on animal rights be banned in schools? The Coalition in Australia considers it a propaganda that is harmful for students.

The Eco-Hero Who Didn’t Stand A Chance
July 11th, 2011

How an environmental advocate faces jail time for peacefully derailing the government’s auction of Utah land.

Obama’s Sinister Cyber Surveillance Program
July 6th, 2011

To pave the way for a greater corporate dictatorship, criminal corporations will be paid massive amounts of money to spy on Americans and actively profile them so they can neutralized before becoming a threat.

Mexican Govt. Waging Dirty War On its Own People
July 6th, 2011

Mexico’s war on drug lords is a cover for a war on democracy activists and social leaders.

Constitution Is Proof That U.S. Is Not A Christian Nation
July 5th, 2011

The American Constitution has made it clear. The United States of America is not a Christian nation. But why are many not surprised?

“Crush” Videos Anger Animal Rights Groups Everywhere
July 5th, 2011

It seems the internet never fails to surprise and shock people every now and then. This time, animal rights groups from all over the world are angered by recent videos of animal-crushing, literally.

So. Philippines Boycott Coca-Cola for Using GMO Sweeteners
July 2nd, 2011

People in Negros Occidental, a Province in southern Philippines, is a very unlikely place to boycott a giant company such as Coca-Cola, all for the sake of the people’s health.

Bolivia Declares War with GMOs
July 2nd, 2011

In what may be another blow to franken companies, a recent law signed by Bolivia’s President can only be considered nothing else but a declaration of war against GMOs.

Cancer Cases Increase Among TSA Workers
July 2nd, 2011

Some victims of TSA “harassments” call it karma or payback time. But the real culprit here are those “above” who wanted the body scanners installed for so called security reasons.

Doctor Kicked Out of Airport for Refusing X-ray Scan
July 2nd, 2011

A doctor was whisked by police out of the airport for refusing to go through an x-ray body scanner, which he says can give him cancer.

Israeli and Arab Spy “Games” in Asia
July 1st, 2011

It might be “acceptable” to hear of Israeli and Arab spies chasing each other in the Middle East. But recent events indicate that they may have extended their activities in Asia.

Russia Makes Another Move to Safeguard Its Arctic Claims
July 1st, 2011

As if in a game of chess, Russia made another move to strengthen and safeguard its Arctic claims. Let’s wait how this “game” unfurls further when Canada, the U.S., and other claimants respond with their own actions.

The “Other” President
July 1st, 2011

Ever wonder how the President gets to sign so many documents? The answer: Autopen. But what happens if the Presidential autopen gets into wrong hands? Will the White House admit it?

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Result of Believing Its Own Lie
July 1st, 2011

Japan’s massive disinformation, building up a “safety myth,” resulted to the catastrophe that is the nuclear meltdowns.

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